Security and Privacy


Your Data and Confidentiality 

Our practice has signed a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with G-Suite, an encrypted cloud-base service provided by Google, because your privacy and data security is our first priority. 

Everything our practice does, from data storage and inter-practice communication to how our sessions are conducted, is performed through G-Suite. 

We recognize the risks that come with online therapy and tele-mental health, and so we utilize a trusted and widely-used platform to minimize these risks. 

More information on G-Suite can be found here:

Moreover, if you have any questions about our platform or data management, please give us a call: 518-350-7286


*PLEASE NOTE: teletherapy and online mental health services are often not sufficient in the event of a crisis or emergency, as these services may not provide adequate assistance in these instances. Moreover if you are in crisis or someone you know is a threat to themselves, you should call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (where you can receive 24/7 support), contact local crisis services, or call 911


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